• Where do I mail my hair?    

Dakota Bones
25073 404th Ave. 
Mitchell, SD 57301

  • Do I need to wash hair?    

    • No, you do not need to wash hair. Have it combed and in a pony tail at one end. 

  • Will I get unused hair back?    

    • Yes, I will return all unused hair with the completed piece. 

  • How do I know the piece I received has the hair I sent fired into it?   

    •  Include your cell number with the hair you mail and I will text you a video of the firing for authenticity.  

  • My hair is white. Will it show up on white pottery?    

    • Yes, all hair burns black regardless of color. 

  • What kind of hair can you use?    

    • I can use almost any kind of hair. Horse, dog, cat, bovine, human etc. If you are unsure contact me prior to ordering a piece. 

  • How do I label my bag of hair?   

    • Place your name, cell number and order number on the bag. This will enable me to match the hair with the order number received on my website. 

  • What if I don't see exactly what I want?   

    • Please contact me via email or messenger and then we can start a dialogue and I can design something for you. 

  • How do I know if my order was placed successfully? 

    • You will get a confirmation email. If you don't see one please check your junk mail or your filters as it may have been blocked. If you still are uncertain contact me.