Custom Horse Hair Pottery and Urns

Horse Hair Firing Workshop

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                    When: April 13, 2019

                    Where: Hyannis, NE

                    Time: 9 AM - Noon or 1 PM - 3 PM

                    Local Contact: Melissa Sheets,

                    Description: Each piece will turn out with different patterns.  The fire of the burning hair, makes a unique design. They are pulled from the kiln one at a time, after being heated, strands of horsehair are quickly applied.  Seconds count here, and timing is critical.  If the piece is too cool, the hair will not burn at all.


                    Students may use other pet hair, feathers etc. Students may finish fired work by wrapping remainder of the hair around the piece.


                    To care for your piece simply wipe the piece gently with a clean soft, or very slightly damp cloth. Horsehair firing does not seal the ware completely and it should NOT be used for food or to hold liquids.


                    Horsehair fired pieces can occasionally be waxed with Johnson’s paste wax for furniture to refresh the finish.


                    A bisque fire piece is included in the price of this workshop.

                    Students participating in the Hand building Workshop may fire 2 pieces.

                    Individuals who did not participate in the Hand Building Workshop may fire 1 piece which is included with the workshop.

                    Registration is non-refundable unless class is cancelled.

                    Registration deadline is March 15th. 

                    Liability waiver form must be signed on the day of workshop by participant and by parent for individuals under the age of 18.