• Heart Finger Print Pendant


    Let me cast your fingerprint and shape it into heart for you. This is the perfect one of a kind piece to give to your loved ones. 
    After ordering I will mail you casting material and instructions. You will mail the imprint back to me and I do the rest. 
    One fingerprint per pendant. After I receive your imprint allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. 
    This is a wonderful gift for a child, parent, graduate, loved one. 

    1. Here is a quick video showing you how to cast your finger print.



      Basic instructions:

      Place plastic down on  your work space.

        1. Divide each color of putty into two equal parts.
        2. Mix ½ of the white putty and 1/2 of the  purple putty together. Until the color is even. This should take between 30 to 60 seconds.
        3. Roll putty into a ball, flatten slightly and press fingerprint into it. (hold finger print steady do not rock back and forth) Hold for about 60 seconds then pull finger straight up out of putty.
        4. Repeat steps two and three with the remaining two balls of putty. 
        5.  Let putty set overnight.
        6. Put your name on flat side of fingerprint impressions. 
        7. Place in bubble wrap and envelope and and mail back to

          Dakota Bones

          25073 404th Ave

          Mitchell, SD 57301


          Let me know if you have questions.