• Trailer Brake

    $225.00 $180.00

    Horse/cargo/toy-hauler trailers

     Wind and uneven surfaces often cause doors to fall in or blow back, making loading and unloading difficult, if not dangerous, for user, animal, cargo and bystander alike. Crowded parking conditions also limit trailer-door control. The PATENTED T-BRAKE™ utilizes a revolutionary STATIC HINGE™ that allows the user to lock trailer doors at any angle. 

    • FITS multiple trailer types
    • DURABLE stainless steel, aluminum


    Our CUTTING-EDGE, “Made in the USA” solutions address convenience, efficiency, affordability and safety in the farming and ranching, construction and trucking industries. 

    The PATENTED T-BRAKE™ (trailer brake), can only be ordered here.


    Watch the trailer brake in action. 

    How the T-Brake works 

    The T-Brake in the winter